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What Sitting Down Once a Week and Sifting Through Those Papers Will Do

One of the most frequent areas of complaint I hear about is with keeping a desk space tidy! People can’t seem to keep bills sorted, children’s school work from piling and all of those to do notes and lists, done and did. Hi, MYSELF included! It can be so easy just to stack and walk away.  So I am here to share two things that have helped me in a big way. Evernote and an upright paper sorter. I choose to go through my stack once a week so it doesn’t get out of control. I sit down for about thirty minutes, usually on the weekend when Ryan is home and I sort, pay and throw away.  Any bills or receipts that need to be held onto get scanned straight into Evernote. Evernote is a handy app that can go on all of your devices. You can scan straight from your device, tag and organize your documents in a matter of seconds.  I used to keep a huge binder of the past years bills, which was fine, but by the end of the year it was overflowing.  Through out the year, I would get lazy and there would be a pile of unsorted documents waiting to be filed. Basically it was a ticking time-bomb of organizational disaster.  In the next month I will have a post specifically with how to get started in Evernote and trust me, it will bless you so stay tuned. Second, the upright organizer.  Horizontal filers are good, I think they are better used for organizing supplies, like printer paper, notebooks, and forms or documents that are frequently used.  The vertical organizer however is great for bills and unfinished business. It allows you to have a line of sight to the things you NEED to get done. Every time I walk by my desk I can see “Oh yeah, I need to pay the water bill and file Leo’s school reports.”  So on and so forth.  I see my desk daily, so it’s a daily reminder, while also keeping the stacks and piles off of the desk top space, giving you the feeling of constant tidiness, even when you’ve got some things to do.

Here’s a weekly before (Monday-Saturday) and After (Sunday post sit down)!


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