Yard Work

The Rewards of Vitamin D and Fried Food

We all have busy schedules. We all have things to do and places to be. People to care for and hours to put in.  Our family specifically, only has one day a week for a family day,  a chore day, a restful day – we must choose wisely. House chores, beyond cleaning, frequently fall to the bottom of our to do list.  We don’t love that, but the precious hours are so minimal and to think of spending it doing work isn’t always the most appealing.  However, after a delightful grouping of 70 degree days, I was itching to put my gloves on and pull some weeds.  I needed to dig in that earth,  to get the good kind of sore when you work some muscles you haven’t worked in a while.  Saturday Morning rolled around Ryan said “What do you want from this day?”


I said, "I want to cut the dang Monkey Grass!"

So that is what we did.  We opened our garage and brought out all the goods. The gloves, clippers, lawn mower, weed eater, lawn bags, rakes and brooms. We told Leo we needed him to be a big helper and just like that he was ready to go.  Don’t get me wrong, work is a little slower with a two year old.  The number of times he switches from the “sweeper” (the broom) to the “bowler” (leaf blower) to the “hammer!” (he has that one down), is about 10 times every 3 minutes. But whatever, the kid wants to help and he wants to work and we can get on board with that. While I cut monkey grass, Ryan and Leo worked on pulling up these weird metal sidewalk liners the previous owner had installed.  Leo loved that, working with a lot of forbidden tools! I just had to look the other way.  After I bagged all my scraps, Ryan moved forward with the mowing and weed eating which he also let Leo be apart of, again, Mom looking the other way.  This is where trusting the Lord comes into play, amiright?

I only wish I could have gotten a photo of all of our dirt covered hands.  We worked for 3 hours and it was a blast.  Sonos speaker propped in the window with good tunes blasting.  Cold ice water and the sun- the sweet sweet sun. We all had rosy cheeks and my freckles made their first yearly appearance. And you know what you get when you do hard work as a fam? Really hungry bellies and a huge lack of willpower to say no to bar food. Enter, Tanners.

Tanners is a Bar and Grill that has a handful of locations around the KC area.  There is actually one located less than a mile from us, but we chose to drive out to the one in South Overland Park.  It has the best patio that is supreme in the afternoon sun.  We split a burger and chicken tenders, and Leo was sweetly rewarded for his hard work with pink lemonade and “cheeeeese” (Mac and Cheese).  We chowed down.  Like, you may have thought we hadn’t eaten in days, but whatever.  After several Bob Wiley, Fay’s Chicken references and several comments about “this weather!” we finally decided to hit a park and head home. Oh you haven’t seen What About Bob? (totally inexcusable!) But lets just take a look at this scene.  It will allow you into our feelings about our meal at Tanners.

This is so scrumptious!


Finally, because we were feeling so good, we decided to stop at a park and let Leo play. We were there for about fifteen minutes before we both hit the wall.  The large, brick, you just did three hours of yard work and ate enough food for five people, wall! So we coaxed Leo back to the car with an offer of more pink lemonade and headed home.  Leo fell asleep, I fell asleep, thank goodness Ryan didn’t fall asleep driving.  And then when we got home and guess what we did? We all fell asleep, for 2 hours! What a day.

And even though it was a day where we did a lot, it still felt like such a restful day. Very out of our ordinary and just really really good.  And hullo, walking out to this view this morning was like, woah! I have a yard that looks like a domestic daydream.

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