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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lauren Hiser, wife to Ryan, mother to Leo, friend to you and appreciator of a tidy home and organized life.  For years I have pondered a creative life.  I have wondered what can I make? What can I do to fulfill this desire to live creatively?  How the heck do all of my friends do it, while I just sit here and daydream? Many ideas popped into my head but I would quickly force them into my back pocket, forgetting about them or deciding they were too much work.  

“Thats too hard to master!”  

“I’ll burn my skin off trying to make soap” 

“Everyone already does that”  

“That will take way too much time” 

Whatever, whatever.

But I still felt like there was something.  Then I became a mother and desired to stay at home.  Naturally the flame grew and I couldn’t stop thinking about what the answer would be. What would finally be my calling that stuck!  It only took every friend and family member telling me I was really really good at organizing things and asking me for help to finally realize “Thats It!” I freaking love to organize everything! To be on time,  to say yes or no when it makes sense, to do my dishes or purge a pantry at my parents.  It brings me so much joy, “Thats IT!” and I confidently believe I can help others be that way too.  AND I have to be creative to be able to implement an organized household for myself and others.  I can be a creative problem solver, a creative encourager, a creative time manager.  It is so easy to forget that being creative doesn’t just mean making music, painting a picture, or taking a photograph.  Creativity seeps into every part of our life. 

Enter, Hiser House.  My outlet to encourage those who desire more organized living.  For those who want to learn how to love their family and friends through balancing work, family, kids, downtime and more.  I feel that with the right resources, words of encouragement, proper caffeination and definitely some grace,  we can take on our day and create balance, growth and a cleaner kitchen counter.  

Please follow along,  ask questions and learn with me.  And, oh yes, tell me to keep going! Because let’s be honest, we all need encouraging in our endeavors.

About Lauren Hiser

Wife, Mom, and Friend! I am an encourager of organized living and believe it blesses those around you as well as yourself! I love bright spaces, clean counters and a lit candle!

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