Under The Sink

Before and After

TIME: 10-20 Minutes COST: $0

Under the sink can seem daunting. It’s dark and kind of feels like the basement of your kitchen. It’s almost as easy to toss random things there, as it is your junk drawer. In reality, not a lot needs to be kept down there. It’s purpose is to house cleaning supplies, away from anything you might ingest or come into contact with daily. It is NOT for housing your extra strainer, your kids water balloons and your husband’s secret stash of pipe tobacco. There’s a reason it’s dark and not appealing. Clearly the inventor of the kitchen didn’t want you to clean. Kidding. It’s dark and dreary so you DON’T throw all of your fun useful stuff in there. If you have stuff under your sink that isn’t cleaning supplies or maaaaaybe a first aid kit, then that is stuff you don’t want and never use. I can almost 100% guarantee it. But I can’t 100% guarantee it for legal purposes, sorry.

So do yourself a favor and grab a trash bag, rifle through the unders of your sink and toss any empty bottles, and properly dispose of any cleaning supplies that aren’t empty, but you definitely will not be using. You can refer to my previous post for places to dispose of toxics. Donate any housewares that you aren’t using and if you honestly use it all the time, find a different place to store it.

An important thing to remember is to WAIT on purchasing any organizing products, like baskets and shelves, until AFTER you have tossed anything you won’t be using. Otherwise you will over buy and create a space to keep things you DO NOT need.

After you have rid yourself of excess goods, and you have purchased (or borrowed from other areas of your home) proper storage solutions, now you can prioritize what you use and create a lay out.

For us all surface cleaners/extra soaps and gloves would go on the left in an easy to use pull out basket. We decided to do this since there was the greatest variety of cleaners and we didn’t want to scoot aside and push over every bottle every time we needed to find something.

Dish tabs, paper towels, trash bags all went on the right hand side. This is closest to the disposal, the trash can and the dishwasher. These are all things we use on the daily so we kept it to a minimum and easy to reach! All the goodies you see in the back are things we use but not frequently enough to create easy access. Items such as ant spray (thank goodness we don’t have to use that often), Woolite (swimsuit season only), and so on.

And as for the open space in the middle, this is where we decided to keep anything in bulk or in a container too large to really store any other way. Distilled white vinegar, Murphey’s Oil, Bleach (yes bleach, don’t judge) and lastly our stack of cleaning cloths. It doesn’t look like it in the picture but that pile can tower sky high. I use them frequently for everything and apparently I needed to do laundry on the day this photo was taken.

Now, I realize that my space under the sink may not be bright and airy and pristine, but it’s organized, and it makes sense for our family. That is what matters. I do not want anyone to look at these projects as expensive and unattainable, because they aren’t. You can create tidy spaces on a budget that make you feel refreshed and keep you moving forward on your organizational journey!




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