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5 Tips For A Budget Friendly Bathroom

1. Cleaning Supplies

Often we find ourselves buying cleaning supplies what feels like every other trip to the market. That is absolutely not how it should be. First pay attention to labels for recommended usage. Second get thrifty with supplies – Many cleaners can be diluted and still be effective so don’t toss that spray at the bottom of the bottle – throw some water in there and get a few more uses. Do you need an entire sponge to scrub the bath? Nope, cut that baby in half and you’ve got two sponges from one!


2. Soaps and Body Products

This goes along the same lines as the cleaning supplies. I remember reading somewhere, maybe Real Simple, that a person goes through a bottle of body wash way faster than they are supposed to and a bar of soap limits you really unless you are just holding the bar under running water for minutes and minutes. Even then I dug a little deeper and found that a bar of soap is about 1/14th the cost per use, so a little extra bath time for the bar isn’t going to drain your bank account. Pun intended.

I was once told I wasn’t very funny. Yes really. I have since then always pointed out my jokes even when they are obvious. Guess I won’t ever be a stand up comedian.

3. Replacing Towels

Maybe this one is just me, but I felt like I was buying new towels every few months because of the musky smell that would build up. And you guys, I wash my towels ALL the time and dry them immediately. I am always wondering what must towel smell like that don’t get washed all that often? OR is it just me being overly critical and nervous about other people using my towels? I went through the “lets only buy white towels so I can use bleach and they will never smell” phase. NOPE! I went through the “Lets wash them every use so they won’t smell” phase. NOPE! Then I found out about recharging your towels. I have already mentioned this in an earlier post but it’s worth another go. Recharging towels every month or two with vinegar and baking soda, high heat, another spin with detergent and high heat, and then drying twice with high heat. The smell is gone. Just absolutely nowhere to be found. So don’t spend money on new towels. Or at least not as often.

4. Air Dry Hair

I realize this one may not be feasible for everyone. There are many of you out there that insist on being morning shower people. But let me make and argument for night showers. Getting all clean and cozy before bed. Feeling warm warm warm. And never feeling like you are bringing the days gunk into your sheets. So good. And not only that but letting your hair dry over night and tossing it up for a day before styling it the next. Again – not feasible for some who have to wash their hair daily, but if that isn’t you then toss that dryer aside and save some energy and honestly save your hair. The less heat, usually the better, I think.

5. Toilet Paper

I deleted this and when I asked Ryan for help with one last way to save money, he said “Use less toilet paper.”

It is really simple. I use a lot sometimes. Who doesn’t! No one wants a pee hand – or worse. But figure out your perfect ply and stick to it. Toilet paper isn’t cheap and cheap toilet paper isn’t worth it. Usually I would say go for the bargain, but not with toilet paper. If you by the 98 cent four pack, you are asking for a sneaky expense. You will use more, period.

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