The Refrigerator

A Daunting, yet Rewarding Task.

What happens when you get a few hours to yourself on a Sunday afternoon and you’ve had a wee too much caffeine and are über excited and inspired by your new blogging venture?  You go to Home Goods and you purchase a few items to help completely organize and clean out your fridge!


There was pretty much no order at this point.  I clean out old food once every 2-3 weeks but hadn’t felt ready to restructure how we store things.


1. Easy Access

2. Visibility (So we don’t forget about food)

3. Inspired Feel, so we want to cook and so I don’t buy iced coffee every single day


What to Buy

Clear storage containers with handles (make sure they are fridge depth)

Cute porcelain egg dish

Iced Coffee container

What I Already Had

White bowls

Caraffe for OJ

Bottle for creamer

Jar for olives

How to do it!

I literally took everything out of the fridge and put it on the counter.

I threw away any expired or rotten food and consolidated items that I had multiple packages of.

I took the opportunity to spray down all surfaces with Method Anti-Bac spray.

I then made a mental checklist of my desired shelf usage:

Dairy, eggs and glass jars on top

Fruits, non-green veg, and meats in the middle

Leo’s food bottom left

An open space on bottom right for any tupperware, dutch oven, or crock pot meal leftovers

Both big drawers for green veg

Bottom Drawer for cheeses and deli meat

Right door for favorite beverages

Left door for condiments, dressings and run over beverages

I worked top to bottom, left to right.

I am so happy with how this turned out.  It is so much quicker to find what we are looking for.  I feel really inspired to make healthier snacks for Leo, because I see what we have and don’t just grab what is easiest, because now it’s all easy!  I feel inspired to keep my cold brew stocked for every morning.  I get so much more for my money and it’s tasty! I open the doors and now there is no sneaky, wilty cilantro or half eaten dip from that get together we had MONTHS ago! Such a relief.

Before and After

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Wife, Mom, and Friend! I am an encourager of organized living and believe it blesses those around you as well as yourself! I love bright spaces, clean counters and a lit candle!

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