Sunny Saturday

A Day at The Prairie Village Pool

You guys, this summer has looked so different with me being pregnant and chasing a 2 year old around. Last year, I could bring Leo to any city pool that had a kiddy pool and life was good, he wouldn’t go too far and still needed me right by his side, for the most part. This year, not so much. The kid wears a life jacket, wants nothing to do with the little kid area and wants to jump in from the side of the pool, over and over, and over, and over, again. It warms my heart to see him growing and learning and becoming more independent. But most days I find myself coming to the end of the night, feeling like this baby could join us at any moment because I pushed myself a little too far. That is ALL thanks to Leo. With all that being said, if there is a day and time that Ryan can join us and a pool is near by, It is FUN! I can rest my baby belly in the water while Ryan does all the rigorous ups and downs and overs and catches and throws.

We didn’t buy a pool pass to Prairie Village Pool this year. Though it is a really great price at only $75 pp (non-residents) for the season. We just can’t go as often this year. It’s been fun not having a pass in some ways, because when we go to the pool we enjoy a variety of pools around town. But we still had to come back here, for “old times sake”. Because when you have a 2 year old, last year is “the old times”.  PV pool was our weekly home away from home!

I love a few things about the PV Pool.

The view. It sits on such a high point of all the surrounding area, and has the most beautiful view looking south east. I take a deep breath of thankfulness in , every time I get to see that view.

The variety of pool areas. There is a gated kiddy pool of good size with fountains. Its safe with two life guards of it’s own and I believe kids 8 and older are not allowed in there. There is a zero entry “big kid” pool. 0-6 feet I believe. Large enough not to feel overwhelmed at every angle, and roped off on the deep end so little kids can’t make their way over there. Slides and diving boards have their own pools. There is a lap pool. And last but not least there is an adult pool, no kids allowed and never busy. Mostly just sun bathers in for an occasional dip.

Literally the only downside is the cost. Specifically for 3 and under. The adult price is similar to most surrounding pools but kids cost the exact same as adults. I have been to several pools that 3 and under are free and 12 and under are reduced. Just prepare for that if budgeting is active in your home.


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