Overnight Iced Coffee

French Press Glory

Through out the past few years I have had several people ask how I make my iced coffee at home.  I am relatively picky, but not in the way most people would be.  I think most people who consider themselves coffee connoisseurs prefer the toddy style of iced coffee.  I like that just fine but my favorite iced coffee is Starbucks iced coffee, unsweetened with cream. It’s bold, and not too acidic which I think toddy tends to bring to the table.  It’s just good.  Also, let me be completely clear when I say I know several pretty freaking cool people who also like Starbucks iced coffee.  I’m just saying that, because yes, sometimes I need to provide validation for myself that to be cool, doesn’t mean you have to only drink coffee from local coffee shops. Thank the Lord.  Did I just admit that I desire to be cool? So what.

Coffee, we were talking about coffee! And we were talking about how I make my iced coffee at home. EASY!

I use a 20 ounce French Press. I fill it to the top of the black plastic rim (about 5-6 tablespoons) with coarsely ground coffee. I use Dunkin’ Original beans because Starbucks doesn’t sell their iced coffee beans.  Disappointing. I fill the rest of the press with cold water and stir. Then I set the press in the fridge for 12-24 hours.  It usually takes me about 3 days to finish a press because I am currently restricted on the amount of caffeine I can intake. So on the last day, I immediately remake my press and set it back in the fridge and it’s ready to go the next morning! That’s it, can you believe it!

A splash of cream and voila.

You’re welcome.

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