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I am down to the wire, or so it feels, working on our yearly photo book. We work in anniversary years, so November 12th will mark a new year. September through November already feel like a cram session, but add a new addition to the family into that time frame and I feel like I have got to get it all done a month early, just so I can designate the last month to new baby, new baby, new baby!

This is what I have learned in the past 5 years of photo book making:

  1. I love Mixbook
  2. I love Google Photos


I have used Mixbook for all of my books and I have never had a reason to try anything else. New layouts, stickers, and pages every year. Each year is a little different and I love it. Though they have super clean and simple layouts if you wanted every year to be kept uniform. They offer sales or discounts up to 50%! And it is such an easy site to use. I never feel overwhelmed or beyond my skill level.

The following are a few pages from this years book. I am super excited about this one. It is our biggest book yet. I think the first one was maybe 20 pages and I am currently on page 100 for this year. My bad. But is it bad? Most of my friends and family only have their photos on their computers and maybe not even on a back up hard drive and man that gives me such anxiety. What if someone broke in and stole your computer, or it just died? My heart would break. I like to have back ups of my back ups. But obviously not hard copy duplicates, circa middle school years.


But Lauren, what about the cloud. The internet has plenty of cloud storage options where you will never lose your photos. Okay, sure, I’ll bite. But the heart break of losing all of my Xanga posts and Myspace photos due to not acknowledging that these spaces were not invincible. I have to believe that anything out there on the internet, in space, can just up and disappear. So like I said, I will bite. I choose you Google Photo. But I am still making my dern books, Mmkay!

Google Photos has been a huge help in the photo book process. I take SO many photos and before Google Photo, I had to constantly be reminding myself to be plugging my phone into the computer to get photos from phone to computer to book. But now, alas, I can be lazy and my photos will just show up on my computer. One less step is almost always a good thing.

Plus Google Photo does really great things like creating “Rediscover This Day” memories, movies, albums, and edited photos. You can choose what to keep and what to discard. Lastly, they keep photos chronologically. It knows when you took the photo and jumping back to 2011 takes 3 seconds, unlike scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through Insta or Facebook, to reminisce, and then if you are like me you accidentally click on the photo the wrong way and it takes you back to 2016 and you have to scroll all over. No thanks.

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