New Years, New Goals

The Obligatory New Year Post

I’ll be honest, I am one to get a crazy idea, go for it and when it doesn’t quite look the way I wanted I just stop. I do not go any further. I drop it and then onto the next big idea. I have always been this way, a lot of interests and no passions. Basically. So when I stopped nannying, started focusing on Hiser House and became a full time stay at home mom I thought, “This is going to be awesome, I have the freedom to make this big. I have the capacity to rock at being a wife a mom and an entrepreneur.” and so on.

-Insert big flashing fail buzzer here.-

BUT, I am not giving up this time around. I recently renewed my domain which means I have done this for a year, which is way longer than most things in my life with the exception of true love and babies. Which means, I can’t give up. I made that rule up, but just go with it.

Here is where the new year, new goals comes into play. I will continue onward and upward with Hiser House. I will still be available for organizing and consulting as I was last year. My blogging will hopefully occur twice a week but my social media and face to face experience will be priority. I will be venturing into a little more public speaking. My vision for this is to be in community with others who feel a desire for community. People who sometimes feel inadequate or insecure. Overwhelmed. Thankful and full of love. Ready to do and be. Because I am that and we can be that together. We all have something to share, this is just my little bit.


And to be a better me for you. and for my family. and for myself. I have to be a better me for me. Thankfully my sister in law gifted me a journal and pens for Christmas and this lines up with what I have been needing – accountability. Enter, Bullet Journaling. It’s all the rage, I swear. Almost as popular as that phrase… “all the rage.”

But seriously. There are some pretty fool proof tools for this journaling style that give you the accountability and inspiration to hold to it. Just Pinterest it. One of the first things I created in my journal was a January Tracker. 5 things I want to do everyday and a place to mark off each day that I have done them. See photo below (from boho.berry on IG) for example. It’s a visual aid to see what you really have been doing… or not doing.

My 5:

PRAY-First and foremost. I have got to start my day with thanksgiving and a confession of need. If I don’t I can tell the difference in my day in 32 seconds.

PLAY-Go somewhere or do something outside. Playdates. Walk a trail. Make snowballs. Movie night. Date my husband. Just don’t sit at home all day every day.

MAKE-Food, a craft, a marimo moss ball home (see instagram feed), a painting with Leo. Basically get my hands dirty in some capacity. Work my creative bone.

GIVE-Giving is getting. Whether it be a coffee for a friend. A dollar for a begger. A coupon for a friend. A treat for your kid. To give is definitely a soul healer.

YOGA-My exercise. My doable exercise. Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube is where it’s at and to stretch this body and move and find feeling. A sigh of relief just thinking about it.

No I did not mean to make my goals all 4 letters. Total coincidence. But hey, it’s catchy and I like it.

And to get a jumpstart on my day, let me GIVE thanks. To you. All of the people who support me and encourage me. All of you who take the time to let me know you like what I am doing that it effects you. Thank you! Thank you to any of you who have entrusted me to help you get organized. I love doing this. I love helping. I love having an outlet. and I thank you, because I would have given up long ago, when it looked all wrong, if it hadn’t been for m’friends. (Sure, we can add writing acceptance speeches to my services page. 10 dollas!)

and because I love my darling Leo. Let this picture bring joy to your day.

all family photos taken by the wonderful Erica Short and Anecdotally Yours.

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