New Baby Must Haves

Because I am Obviously A Professional Mom

First – let me be clear that I am in no way, shape, or form a professional mom. These are totally recommendations based off of what I have used with our two kids and have learned to love and appreciate.

Second – I am so sad that Hylands Teething Tabs can no longer make this list. We swore by them with Leo as did many other moms and their babies but due to FDA mish mash, we can no longer have the manna from heaven, home teething remedy. Boooooo.

*Disclaimer: I am sure I forgot many a great thing, so feel free to leave a comment on my IG feed with your faves!*

Why did I make this list? Because people have asked me for my opinion on what to get for a nursery and new baby so of course I thought I would just make a list for everybody. So here you go…

1.Barleans Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (or any other cold pressed organic brand)

We have had this on hand for both babies. Both of our guys have had pretty intense cradle cap, and Leo had (still has) battles with eczema here and there and coconut oil has always been a huge help. I know it is gentle on their skin while still being effective. A little goes a long way which is always a plus for a new momma. If used with number 3 on this list, you can really keep cradle cap under control. You just might have a Rico Suave on your hands so be ready for little washcloth baths or lots of hat wearing.


2. HoMedics Sound Spa

We are firm believers in making as much noise as possible in this family. With a toddler, musician, dog and avid vacuumer making up 4/5ths of this family, we cannot find much silence on any day. The soundspa gives some constant noise that I think is a little more relaxing then the above mentioned noises. Plus we have always had white noise when we sleep so of course we are going to assume our kids want the same. Right? So far so good. This sound machine has several different noises to choose from. We use white noise in our room while Leo (our 3 year old) has decided he likes the babbling brook – I think that is hilarious for some reason. My little peaceful prince.

3. Safety First Newborn Brush

Really any soft bristle brush could work but we have had better luck with this. It’s a little more sturdy in the bristle department while still being gentle enough for baby.  We use this with the coconut oil in small circle strokes and it really kicks cradle caps booty. I like that it fits into your palm because I have a better feel for the pressure I am applying.

4. Baby Banana Brush

This little cutie was a gift and we just love it. I think its a super sweet way to introduce brushing teeth at the gummy stage. And so far its been a favorite teether toy. Easy enough for our little guy to hold and squishy enough to chew all day long.

5. NoseFrida

To anyone who has not used this, I totally get it, it seems DISGUSTING. But I swear buy it. There is of course the old fashion blue bulb that you get sent home with from the hospital, but if you google what the inside of one of those looks like after some use and improper cleaning (because its nearly impossible to clean properly), you’ll be running as fast as you can away from that thing. I dare you to google it.

NoseFrida has a filter that keeps you from getting boogs in your mouth and really if you have used the thing at all you will know you need super human lungs to get boogers even remotely close to the filter. And you will notice the Nosefrida is not nearly as abrupt as the bulb sucker. It’s clearly more comfortable – albeit still weird to get your boogers sucked out of your nose by anything. Just get one, I promise you won’t regret it.

6. Copper Pearl Multi Use Cover

I discovered this little bitty on Instagram. It was and still is part of most giveaways I come across on my feed and seeing it enough must have worked because I got one for Christmas! For as many functions as this things provides the price is well worth it. It is a nursing cover, carseat cover and shopping cart seat cover … as well as burp cloth, blanket, changing layer, etc, so on, and more and more and more. I keep discovering new ways to use it. And on top of all of that, the prints to choose from are fantastic and these covers are SO SOFT!

7. Carter Long Sleeve White Onesies

When you start changing blow outs multiple times a day, you will realize how nice it is to have a ton of white onesies that you can toss if they get stained or heck even keep the stained ones and just put them on under the other layers for protection. I love them. And I don’t think the no white after labor day thing applies with babies, so.

8. Crochet Rattle

Ohhh another gift that is just the best. We got one of these rattles from my Aunt. I honestly am unsure of what brand ours is because its just a tiny logo and I cannot find it anywhere, so the link is to one that looks exactly like it (if not it in different colors). They thing I quickly realized about this little toy is that he can’t hurt himself with it, even if he tried. He hits his head all day long and of course, it’s crochet, so it won’t hurt. It’s easy for him to hold because of the texture and the bright colors are definitely attention getting for his developing eyes. A+++

9. Aden And Anais Muslin Swaddles

Of course you can pick and choose, but just having a few lightweight flow blankets around the house and care is a real treat. Much like the multi-use covers, these blankets make for a great swaddle wrap, a place to lay and play on the floor, spit up wiper, photo backdrop? and again, so on and so on. The reason I chose Aden and Anais is the availability, they are in every baby store and then you can even find them at Home Goods and TJ Maxx for a reduced price. And also all of the beautiful prints. Classic, trendy, and just straight up baby prints too.

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