Making Biscuits With Dad

A Fun Tradition

This is less about the actual food, and more about spending time together as a family and teaching children to get involved. If there is one thing I appreciate about Ryan, it is how often he gets Leo involved in what we are doing. Whether that be yard work, fixing a door or cooking our meals. He always asks Leo to help, and Leo LOVES it! Kids like purpose. They like to be helpers – feel respected and needed. Ask most any kid if they can help you, or want to be involved and they will say “YES!” in two seconds. With meal time, particularly, it can even encourage picky eaters to branch out. They want to eat what they make! Why wouldn’t you?!

On the Saturday mornings we aren’t out getting our coffee and breakfast, we are at home making pancakes, or eggs and bacon, or biscuits! The Saturday in this post, we did a lot of everything. Biscuits, hash browns, eggs, bacon… and now I’m hungry.

Ryan had Leo help add the water and flour, roll the dough, cut the biscuits and even let him make his own biscuit, which he chose to make look like a snake. When they aren’t cooking, they are changing records and dancing around the kitchen. It’s a blast and it warms a mother’s heart. These precious memories we choose to make.

What memories do you want to make?

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