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A Tour and Q&A With Sara Ramey

Meet Sara Ramey

A creative beauty who has blessed my life over the past, almost 2 years, with her spirit, and love! She is confident, brilliant, spiritual and hilarious. And her home equally exemplifies all of these qualities as well. Yes, even the hilarious quality. She owns a print of figs, which says “Nur Mut” which translates to “Have Courage”. Ironically, the German word for Fig is “Feige”. The verb form of this word, “feig” means “coward”, in German.  So as Sara puts it, “A representation of cowards, with the charge to have courage! I love it. So Clever!”

Sara and her sister moved into this home a little while ago and have completely overhauled it to be their own little private garden and oasis. It is quiet at night, all the stars shining overhead. There are beautiful plants in all of the beds growing far and wide and well manicured. You halfway expect to be presented with tea from the moment you step inside.

I asked Sara to share her home with Hiser House, because, not only is it beautiful and a perfect eclectic mix of styles. But it is organized, and the rate at which this house became a home is insane. Like I swear they moved in and the next week it looked like this. She will probably say otherwise, but take my word for it!

Q1. You just moved into your home and it already looks insanely put together! What was your method for unpacking and organizing as you went?

My method is not thinking about it too much. Just going for it, avoiding “analysis paralysis” (which I am exceedingly good at). I think the best method is to take action on things immediately. When I unpack a box I try to put each item in its place immediately, before unpacking another one. That way, I sense progress and haven’t created another overwhelming mess of all the contents that were in the box, just being outside of the box now!

I mostly tackle rooms (or areas of a room) one at a time too. It really helps me to feel calm and at home if some things are in order – even if its just the corner of one room, or my shoes, or my medicine cabinet. It keeps me going too. Once something is in order, I feel like I can move on to the next thing.

Throwing things out/giving them away was another big part of my unpacking/organizing strategy. It was tempting for me to throw a lot of stuff out right after I moved because I was just sick of stuff! But, that urge also helped me part with a lot of things that I was holding on to for sentimental reasons – but were really just cluttering up my house. Its fun and freeing to feel like the things in my house are all things that I use/need/want.

Q2. I know you redid a handful of things in your home before you moved in. What do you think made the biggest difference?

Redoing the upstairs flooring and bathroom made the biggest difference. The attic space had such potential, and by redoing the floors and bathroom we were able to capitalize on that potential. Before we renovated the upstairs, I hated being up there! The existing carpets didn’t match, the carpet was piling, doors didn’t open or hang right because they weren’t properly rehung after the carpet was put in. The bathroom walls were a failed DIY texture, and nothing coordinated in the bathroom. The lights above the medicine cabinet hung down over the cabinet to where you couldn’t even open it, the door knob on the bathroom door was different on the inside, then on the outside. And to top it all off, the tile floor was pink. It was just a whole slew of things like that. I knew there was no way I could live up there with that bathroom!

Q3. How would you describe your style? What/who are your inspirations when decorating?

This is always the most difficult question! My style is mostly modern. But, I think like most people, I like to surround myself by things that mean a lot to me. I like the spaces I live in to tell a story of my life. I’ve collected my artwork over the years as I’ve travelled. Some of my furniture pieces were inherited, or highly sought after that I saved for and bought over the years. I like mostly geometric patterns, and I’ve always like subtlety in design. Interesting textures, structured patterns, or a an uncommon color combination intrigue me, but not too much of it. I like the subtleties to be on a white background (some, walls, duvet, etc.), so that they can standout.

My biggest inspiration when decorating comes from modern architecture and art. The texture, color and light plays of modern architecture and art intrigue me so much that I want to capture them and reflect them in my spaces.

Q4. If you were dropped in the middle of a home decor store, what would be the first section you go to and why?

Pillows. I love pillows. Always have. Pillows add so much character and interest to a space. They can be rich in texture, color and style. And nothing beats a perfectly fluffed pillow. 😉

Q5. What is your favorite spot in your home?

I love my attic space. I love how open it is – the amount of space that I have. I love the privacy of it, the feeling that it is tucked away.

But right now, my favorite spot is the screened in porch. I love to entertain, and its the perfect spot to do that. Nothing makes me happier than to makes things beautiful for others and to know that they had a great time in my home.

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