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Workspace Organization

To be honest, when Vanessa reached out to me I was initially caught off guard and thought it was spam “I’m a contributor to”! This was a first for me, being sought after as a “resident expert”, but how cool right? Can you tell I am still pinching myself? But after checking out her connections to finding me, I confirmed it was real, and she had a mission- to organize her work station!  We corresponded by email. She sent me pictures and I sent her my thoughts and ideas.  This was an interesting project, not actually being in the space, but Vanessa did an incredible job showing me all angles of her office, listing her desires and needs, and really being honest and unashamed! The best part about Vanessa, was her realistic struggles. She works, she has a four year old daughter, and she does not always have time.  Instead of giving up and moving on, she reached out to me and said, what do I do now? Realistic goals were set and no more than a week went by and she had just kicked her clustered work station’s tush. Read more on Vanessa’s adventure of desk reorganization here –

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About Lauren Hiser

Wife, Mom, and Friend! I am an encourager of organized living and believe it blesses those around you as well as yourself! I love bright spaces, clean counters and a lit candle!

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