Guest Bathroom Tour

Welcome to our downstairs bathroom.  It acts as the guest bathroom. It is also the bathroom with the tub. So many baths happen in here (some for Leo, mostly for me).  And since it is the bathroom furthest from Leo’s room, we kind of use it as our getting ready bathroom too, which is a shame because our upstairs bathroom is so big comparatively.  Go figure, the smallest bathroom with the least amount of storage gets used the most.  Isn’t that kind of like the kitchen thing… you know, everyone comes over and even though you have a giant living room, everyone ends up in your tiny galley kitchen?

But we love it nonetheless.

The tile is so pretty and the sunlight through the fogged window is always a cure to the morning blues.  Even the lack of storage is a gift. It forces us to keep only the necessities.  

So you want to see? Let’s take a little tour.

We enter…

Then to the medicine cabinet.  My goal when organizing this space, was to have a “health/medicine shelf” a “Lauren Shelf” and a “Ryan Shelf”.  But it turns out that one side of one shelf is broken and my dear sweet husband only needs two things to get ready for his day. Jealous much? About Ryan, not the broken shelf.  So I pretty much took over the whole cabinet. Adding a few “maybe there will be a day I use this”s!

TOP SHELF (BROKEN ONE): Zinc, Ibuprofen, band aids, Ryan’s hair product and my easy to grab red lips.

MIDDLE SHELF: Nail Polish, face lotion and cheek stain, room spray, flossers and Ryan’s cologne”

BOTTOM SHELF: Nail polish remover, soap I pull out when kids are over (it’s easier to reach than my soap for daily use), body lotion, and my makeup bag.

Not too much to it really, and honestly, I think I might post this and then go take a few things out. But that’s how I roll, always purging.

Moving on.  Did I mention small bathroom, no storage?  No linen closet. Nothing!  When we moved in 7 months ago these baskets were left by the previous owner.  I think eventually I would love a 3 tier shelf, glass with brushed gold brackets #daydreams.  But for now it works.  Soap, toothbrushes and cotton swabs on one. Hand towels and a pretty fake plant on the other.  At first I would set my makeup bag in the bottom basket, but then came my brush, my curling iron, my headbands and hair clips and woah nelly it filled up fast and looked ridiculous.

Did you know some homes don’t come with toilet paper holders? No? Me either!

We bought a freestanding one. You know, the kind that also holds extra rolls.  But it fell over ALL the time and wouldn’t quite fit anywhere except almost 180 degrees from where you were… sitting.  So I donated that real quick and went back to the drawing board.  I didn’t want anything permanent quite yet since we might change all the fixtures and I would love to do that all at once.  Alas, a basket, isn’t that always the answer?  A wire basket next to the toilet.  All the TP you could ever need and also a perfect place for a few items that just won’t fit anywhere else.  Non-invasive, easily accessible, voila.

Lastly, the shower/bath.  Soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body brush, sponge, and a few things for Leo.  One of each, no backstocking here.  Admittedly, I have a few luxury items because they just look so darn nice in that window. plant, bath scrub and bath salts.  mmmmm. I think I am going to go take a bubble bath now!

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