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Making Time For Family Time

My side of the family lives about 3 hours away.  We see each other about once a month and thank the high heavens for it.  I grew up around all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.  And though I love the idea of moving far far away and adventuring around the world, there is definitely a part of me that wants Leo and any future children to grow up seeing their family often.   As any of you with young children know, it can be difficult to make trips, especially when bedtime routines are currently being rocked a little.  So it’s been a real gift having my family take the time to come see us more often then us going there.

Since my Mom was on spring break this past week, her and my Dad were able to head up a night early and they spent a day and evening in Excelsior Springs! The Elms Hotel and Spa was already on my wish list, but now that my parents have compiled a list of restaurants and stores nearby the hotel, we are definitely ready for a day away to relax.  Any who, since they stayed in Excelsior the night before, they arrived to KC earlier than usual which was nice.  We unpacked their car and took it easy at home for a little while.  They had suggested Char Bar for lunch, which is where we took them a few trips back.  Char Bar is an incredible bbq joint in Westport.  It’s great for our family because it is a big restaurant, which means when my parents and my sister and her family come in town, it’s still relatively easy to get a seat quickly.  They’ve got such good food and splendid mixed drinks.  Their kids menu has a great variety and the atmosphere is on the loud side, which I think is great for anyone with kids.  You don’t feel awkward if you child it yelling “Choo Choo!” over and over.

Since it was a rainy weekend and there were so many event going on around the city, we stayed pretty close to home.  With little interest in The Big 12, Trump, or St. Patricks Day, we weren’t to concerned with going much further North than 39th Street.  After Char Bar we stopped at Rainy Day, one of our favorite local book stores.  Leo got to pick out a book I picked out The Rosie Effect which is the follow up to The Rosie Project, which I highly recommend. And we got our chocolate and powdered sugar coated almonds, which we get EVERY time we go to Rainy Day.  Just realized we went to Rainy Day on a Rainy Day.

Okay, now for the best part about having family that you are truly so close to and really can be yourself around. We came home, completely stuffed, totally in a daze from the dreary skies and heavy barometric pressure and we all napped. Before Ryan could even finish brewing some decaf for us, Leo, Nannie, Papa and I, were all zonked on the couch. So good.

Also, perks to having Nannie and Papa in from out of town, they want to spend every second with your baby, which usually means DATE NIGHT can happen.  We were still so full from lunch and actually still really tired, so we took our couple of hours and went to The Glenwood Arts Theatre to see The Big Short.  That movie is good, and it explains the situation really well. I kind of freaked and wanted to come home an re-read all of our mortgage papers to make sure we weren’t in for it. Not really, but kind of.

Our evening ended fairly early, at home and in bed by 10:30, which was perfect with Daylight Savings upon us.  Ryan had to be up early for church the next morning and I knew Leo would probably wake on the early side.  So it was nice to go to bed and know we’d still get a solid night’s sleep.  Side note, I am thankful for parents who will sleep on our couch graciously and would not ever make us feel bad for not having a guest space.  They just make themselves right at home and I love it! Love it!  When Leo woke up he said “Momma” one time and then guess what he said “Papa! Papa! Papa!” and it worked, Momma laid in bed while Papa came upstairs and got the little guy.  When I came down they were playing trains, drinking milk and Nannie was making coffee.  I don’t think I want to wait for my parents to get old and senile before we bring them into our home. I want them to move in now! But seriously, will anyone build an apartment from our garage so my parents can move in? Thanks!

Sundays are always cut too short, we are never quite ready for the family to head out. But we made a good morning with the few hours we had.  McClain’s Bakery for Breakfast, Suburban Lawn for a bird feeder and then one last playtime session at home.  When Nannie and Papa were pulling out of the driveway, Leo ran to the fence yelling “PA PA!!! NANNIE!!”, I lost it. Blubbered like a little baby. But then Ryan came home from church, we sat down for lunch, we took naps, and I was reminded of how lucky I am to have every part of the family I have.  Making time for family is most important and most rewarding.  Call your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Grandma, Son, Daughter, Cousin, In-Laws and tell them thank you for being a part of your life. It isn’t always sunshine and sprinkles, but by golly, to have those unconditional loves. It’s just too good.

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