English Muffin Dreams

Cheddar + Apple + Cream Cheese

Happy Monday!

May this ridiculously easy breakfast bring you great joy and happy tummies.

Would you believe I found this recipe in 2004.  I was in my high school composition class and I don’t remember why, but we were reading magazines that day.  A free write maybe? Or maybe I was just done with my assignment and chose to waste the rest of my hour thumbing through Southern Living, who knows.  But I remember seeing this recipe in the very back of the magazine.  I didn’t cut it out or write it down so I could be leading you astray with something bland and unappealing. But cream cheese, plus more cheese, plus fruit, plus bread? Yeah, I think we are good.

Here it is

one english muffin cut in half

cream cheese lightly spread on each half

one thick slice of granny smith apple atop the cream cheese

half a slice of sharp cheddar atop each apple slice

throw in broiler on high for 3-6 minutes. just watch closely, all ovens are different and these burn easy!

Best Served with Black Coffee. Trust Me.


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