Summer Necessity

It’s summer. This means one thing when it comes to meal planning – FRESH! I want salad and veggies and all the fresh, all the time. For awhile we were doing the feta, tomato, basil thing. Well, we are still doing the feta, tomato, basil thing. But I was craving just a speck different and also a little more filling. What do you do when you need to feel more full? Carbs! French bread, puleez. So I dug around in my food memory bank and remembered how much I love love loved Caprese Sandwiches when I went to Switzerland/Italy/France with my Mom and sister. Turns out, Ryan had never had a Caprese Sandwich, so I made him try it and he loves it too. Now it’s on our weekly rotation. Did I mention it’s the easiest to make?


Slice Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella

Layer atop a french bread loaf cut in half

Drizzle Olive Oil (we added a smidge of balsamic, post picture)

Top with fresh basil, salt and pepper


and if you are unsure of what you want as a side, there always has to be a side, we made home cut fries. We sliced one potato. Tossed with olive oil and Southern Soul Seasoning, which is from our local farmers market. And baked for 25 minutes. Though I recommend you watch closely because ours almost went beyond “good burnt”.

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