BLT Wraps and Fixins

A Classic American Front Yard Meal

Sometimes you just have to stay inside the box, the bag, the package, the whatever and eat a semi-premade, easy lunch that pleases everybody and really isn’t that healthy, but also doesn’t bog you down on a hot summer day. Run on sentences happen.

Enter BLT wraps, macaroni, fries, apples and pickles.

I would like to thank the following brands for this meal. Hormel, Flat Out Bread, Kraft, Ore-IdaOh Snap Pickles, and Hellmanns (did you know there were two “n”s in Hellmanns? I definitely never noticed that!). Do you think I could get any sponsors from this? Ya nevah know!


So easy as pie, which shouldn’t be a saying because from what I have heard pies are hard to make/perfect, you just throw your fries in and boil the water for the macaroni, while you prep everything else.

Slice the tomatoes, fry the bacon (on medium and slowly, only needs one or two flips, that’s the secret), grab the mayo and rinse the butter lettuce.

Make your macaroni. And let sit in pot while you do the rest.

Once all ingredients are prepped just toss into a wrap and nini that biz.     Use a panini grill = nini that biz.

Slices of apples, pickles and ketchup to top everything off and voila a summer meal with all your food groups. Filling but not heavy. Kids love it, adults love it and because you used a paper plate that will balance out the cleaning of bacon grease, panini grills and cutting boards.

Happy front yard lunching to you all!

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