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Command Center and Boys Bedroom

A Mother’s Command Center

Jana was so gracious to be my very first client! And she came in with plans! First Jana and I decided it was really important that we battle an area of the home that allowed her some peace and confirmation.  Her long term goals included an office/command center, the kiddo’s bedrooms, the bathroom and the kitchen.  We decided pretty quickly that to create an office that was inviting and acted as her quiet space to plan and pray would be most satisfying and most encouraging moving forward into other projects.

The current “office” was a desk in the living room. It was on a wall next to the piano, kind of just hoping to be used.  It had become a place to set things until they found another home. A place to hide chords and spare game pieces.  There was a filing cabinet for papers but it was in the corner, and really not something the family needed to access daily.


After discussing a few different options, Jana and I made the decision to move the command center into the dining center.  While the kids were playing in their rooms or watching movies in the living room, she would be able to sit in relative quiet and get her own stuff done.  She could now sit and look out the window, finding peace and focusing on her joys.  She could plan her meals or write her emails.  She had better light and a more comfortable space that was just begging for a cup of coffee and a journal!  The filing cabinet went elsewhere, to do its job, file papers that she might need once a year, if that!  Drawers were purged, donations were made, trash was thrown out and now everything had a proper place.  Jana beamed with excitement and new found passion for her home. I absolutely give her 100% of the credit, deciding what she wanted, going after it and just coming out on the other side with great reward.  Now that we had given her a place to return to, to remind herself how good it felt, we could move forward with the kids spaces. The books, the action figures, the cars, the dun dun duuuuuunnnnn, LEGOS!

I absolutely give her 100% of the credit, deciding what she wanted, going after it and just coming out on the other side with great reward.

2 Boys, 1 Room, a million Legos.

Jana has two young boys that love all the boy things. I walked into their room and thought, “My son would have a blast in here!” There is no shortage of really fun toys and activities for these guys.  They had books galore, their own bunks, I mean really it was a little boys dream, BUT that also meant there was no order, and a high chance of injuring your foot on the sharpest piece of plastic that has ever been invented. You know what I’m talking about! Lego foot.


The biggest life changer in this room was utilizing storage.  The boys had a perfectly good sized closet that was essentially not being used.  Jana moved the hallway bookshelf (opening up the hallway!) into the closet for books and large action figure storage.  She moved all small figurines, cars and other toys into under bed bins and she purchased two Play and Go bags for Legos.  Play and Go bags are my go to recommendation for anyone with kids that like Legos, building magnets, k’nex, etc.  You can lay the bag out flat and use it as a building mat, set whatever you are working on, on a shelf and literally just grab the two handles of the bag and all the miscellaneous pieces you didn’t use just stay in the bag, hang on a hook and wait to be played with at a later date! It’s kind of like magic.

and that’s it! Jana really just did incredible work with these two spaces and she did it all in less than a week, with 4 kids and a job! Because it’s doable.  These things are doable.  You just need a little encouragement, and a lot of sunshine and coffee. Or tea. Or rewarding yourself with binge watching New Girl. Whatever your thing is. That’s fine!

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