All about my life.

“I am a wife to Ryan and Mother to Leo! A midwest girl through and through, residing in Kansas City and loving it!  I enjoy many things, particularly, taking photos, doesn’t everyone? Eating copious amounts of food. Like elevensies and second dinner amounts of food!  Reading memoirs and young adult fiction, I don’t know, it just happened that way.  And being halfway everything. Half way healthy food eater. Halfway lover of essential oils. Half way recycler.  Half way fit. Give me all the nature trails to hike and lakes to kayak but lordy, don’t ask me to go to a gym. As a stay at home/work at home mom I appreciate the art of an organized life, admitting we can’t always keep it together but definitely striving to make a day run smoother, a person feel happier, and a counter to be tidier!

I hope to help others who wish to do the same. Let us take hold of this chaos we call life and not only make it manageable but productive and joy filled!”