A Nursery Tour

A Tour and Q&A With Abby Starrett

Sometimes you go looking for content and other times it falls in your lap. Abby fell in my lap. I have known Abby since high school and though we don’t stay in human contact, I follow her beautiful and uplifting Instagram feed and feel energized by it with every post. She is clearly full of love and rays of sunshine. Actually, when I see the quote by Roald Dahl that says:

"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

I think of her. That quote is Abby. So when she started posting photos of her nursery for little Lincoln, I was like raising my hands and yelling “Me me me! I want to show people your nursery because people need to see it.”

It’s so good!

And she agreed.

Enter, Little M R S S T A R R E T T.

Q1. First, of course, tell us a bit about yourself. Your fam. Your sweet little babe on the way!

Who is Little M R S S T A R R E T T ? I’m Abby! I am a lover of Jesus, a wife, health enthusiast, critical care nurse, and any day now a MAMA of a baby boy! (Lauren speaking, Abby is now a Mom, I was slow to post with a 1 month old on my hip and a 3 year old spinning me in circles.) I am a total planner, which is sometimes my greatest struggle, letting the Lord have control- because Lord knows I need his help with all that I have on my plate! Some call me crazy, but on top of everything else I am currently finishing up Grad School – to obtain my master’s of nursing, FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER (FNP). It’s all in perfect timing! It’s been possible to plan for a baby and keep focused thanks to the most wonderful husband, Newt. We’ve been married three and half years, and he is the most patient man and so supportive of all of ME. I’ve always said that the he’s the reason I stay balanced, with my initially type A personality. (Since getting pregnant I have mellowed out A L O T ) . I’m so excited for our little family to grow into a family of three! It has definitely taking some organization and pre-planning to prepare for Baby Lincoln and continue working full time/school.

Q2. Your nursery is so cohesive, did you have a plan or did it just fall into place?

So the plan for the nursery started before we knew the gender of baby Starrett. My style is definitely midcentury modern and I’m more of a minimalist. I love the clean lines with the modern edge but still gaining that cozy welcoming feel. So I knew the overall FEEL I was hoping to achieve in my nursery. When I saw the Babyletto Lolly crib I knew it was the perfect piece to inspire the rest of the nursery. (Still totally heart eyes over that piece!) . My husband could tell you I spent many hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration and browsing stores like West elm , Land of Nod, and urban outfitters. But once I had my inspiration boards it all kind of fell into place piece by piece.

Q3. What is your favorite piece in the nursery and why?

It’s so hard to say one piece is my absolute favorite because they all compliment each other to make it my favorite space in the house! But I love LOVE LOVE my rocking chair! It’s so cute and modern but still so comfy! I already spend so much time rocking my sweet Bebe (or baby bump). I had found it early on in my nursery planning but contemplated getting it because it didn’t recline (per mother’s recommendations) but paired with the the ottoman I think it’s the perfect set for comfort and functionality once Lincoln arrives.

Q4. When designing your nursery did you use mostly online inspiration, tips from family and momma friends, or a little bit of everything?

Like I mentioned I used a lot of inspiration from online but my family and mommy friends had plenty of influence on my designing. My younger brother is so artistic! He has an eye for design and pulling things together before you can see it all, so he received plenty of photos and links to help inspire the final decisions. I also relied on my mother and mommy friends to keep it practical and functional as a nursery.

Q5. What were your top 3 places to purchase nursery pieces?

Target! 🎯 would definitely be the top place I used to purchase nursery items. All the way from the big items like the dresser to the little details like the globe and the ceramic pieces & baby books. Did I mention I love target!? It’s Pillowfort line was the inspiration for the closet/organization in the nursery. Number two is west elm. My rug in my nursery is kind of the glue holding it all together and I found this gem at west elm. It was one of my inspiration pieces early on. Then other complimenting pieces like curtains came from there. Lastly, Urban Outfitters. I know it’s not what you would think of when you think nursery at all but, their home section, its on point. They had the perfect dowel print hangers and the midcentury curtain rod. Those pieces help to make this room feel complete.

(Other little shops made it possible too ! My shopping wouldn’t have been complete without IKEA, Serena and lily, little unicorn, jelly beans, and land of nod )

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