A New Setup

One Room, Two Uses

When we moved into our home last July, we were most excited about the addition in the back of our house that would allow us to have a real dining room! Our old house was tiny and barely had room for a two person breakfast space. We were not, however, sure how we would recreate a space for Ryan’s studio. He would play music every night if he could and in the old house we had a tiny studio that was finished in the basement. New house, twice the size, no studio. Crap. It fell to the wayside and it shouldn’t have. My babe was itchin’ for his own space to do his thing and truth be told, I was really needing him to have his creative outlet back. It’s good for a marriage.

So one morning I woke up and as Leo was playing with his toys I grabbed my coffee, leaned against the dining room wall and stood awhile in thought.


We currently had a custom table being built for this space. We had measured as if it would be the only thing in the room, so what now? I have got to give this space a duel purpose. I started moving the furniture we did have, and I measured out the new table and chairs. And thank the Lord, it was going to work. Not only was it going to work, but it wasn’t going to be crammed. I text Ryan and said, “I am surprising you with a studio space! Unfortunately I am pregnant and cannot move half the stuff I need to, to make it happen. So You get to help. SURPRISE!”

Ryan came home that evening, called our neighbor Tommy (who built our incredible new dining table!), and they kicked all the old furniture out and brought in all the new. We ended up moving our dining room buffet into our breakfast nook. We moved my “desk”/hutch from the dining nook to the new nursery to be used for a diaper changing table. We moved Ryan’s old desk from storage, down into the new space and we moved our new dining table in! Are you tired from reading that? It only took them like 10 minutes! And then it was my turn. The decor. The rugs, lamps, centerpiece. It was therapeutic. I die on rearranging. Anyone else like that?


All in all this project was a thousand percent a success. Ryan has been living in this back room. It has actually ended up blessing us both because we can set up shop in the same room. I can blog, he can work. I can read, he can play music. Even Leo is getting to enjoy having a keyboard set up, and as of last week he is starting to learn how to use a computer mouse, which is pretty funny.

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Wife, Mom, and Friend! I am an encourager of organized living and believe it blesses those around you as well as yourself! I love bright spaces, clean counters and a lit candle!

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