A Girls Night Out

La Bodega on Southwest

Ryan and I lead a Community Group in our church.  This is a group that meets once a week for about 8 weeks, then has a small break and starts up again a few weeks later. It is a way for us to grow community in our church. We get to know people we may not have met or gotten to know otherwise. Our group has been together for over a year now and outside of community group we have become the truest of friends. The boys get together for movie nights and Settlers of Catan. Some of us meet for lunches, or morning coffee.  Several have babysat for our sweet son, because we are the only one’s with a  kid. But thats okay, they love Leo very well and Leo knows their names and asks for them outside of seeing them — that’s community.

The girls get together every couple of months for a girls night. We have gone to La Bodega on each occasion. La Bodega is a tapas restaurant.  It has a ton of options, most of which I can’t pronounce, but luckily you can butcher it and the waiters still know what you are saying. Sangria pitchers, split 5 ways are a must! It’s fun, the environment is cozy and different. However, Tuesday night, restaurant industry happy hour, IS a happy hour ONLY for people who work in the restaurant industry. That probably seems obvious to everyone except me and my mistake had us paying double. Oops.  I think the girls forgave me! Why that wasn’t clear to me is unknown.  You know, sometimes you read things and it just doesn’t click. Back to the restaurant. We have only gone during cold/rainy seasons so I am looking forward to utilizing the patio once its warms up a bit. I hear it’s quite nice.

Interested in La Bodega?

Here’s their website and their menu


Half eaten but pictured: Tortilla Española, Queso De Cabra Al Horno, Albóndigas Caseras, Champiñones A La Plancha, Pincho De Pollo Y Chorizo.

Okay, I can pronounce those, but on the spot with the waiter looking over your shoulder, you feel the pressure.  Kind of like when a policeman is driving behind you but you aren’t doing anything wrong. You still manage to swerve or speed up or something!

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